We woke up this morning to rain, grey and drizzle! We were all very concerned that today will be a wash out, but we pressed on preparing, in case the weather got better. But in fact it seemed like it was getting colder rather than warmer! Luckily the rain stopped. But I don’t think it got much warmer than about 18 or 19 degrees.

We had set up on the back veranda. It was much easier, because we were close to the kitchen. People started to come in in droves in spite of the weather. Soon Smits and Madeleine arrived, and then Jacques and Kelly with little Erin. It was so good to catch up.

In the end, just about all the food was sold. In fact, the Bryani and Quiche did sell out, there were just a few cupcakes and a few strawberries left.

Rochelle and Nicky turned a good profit, they sold a lot of strawberries and the other vendors made a good profit too. I managed to do a lot of my Christmas shopping. I bought some of the most beautiful handmade goods. Also, I bought Storm (my 20-month old niece) some beautiful clothes from Hedgerow (South Africa’s Kath Kidston equivalent).

We are far too tired to think about making dinner so I have agreed to take the family, and Kyla and Jaimee’s 2 little friends to the Wimpy for dinner. It’s the only place in town where you can eat out. South Africa’s Wimpy is generally better than the UK version, although Tim has only had one bad experience after the other.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to church with the family (although I just found out that church starts at 8.30!!!!) and then hopefully RESTING!

…. Later …..

… the Wimpy was okay. I had a burger which was nice, but Andy had a bad chicken. But apparently that doesn’t really happen at this Wimpy. So perhaps I am just the Wimpy bad luck carrier!

I almost thought there wasn’t any hot water tonight. That would have meant going another day without bathing. Wednesday when I arrived, there wasn’t any hot water. It was only fixed on Thursday night. We’d had some family and friends on standby in case we had to go and bath elsewhere, but thank goodness Andy managed to fix it just in time.

If I am going to be up in time to get to church by 8.30, I had better get to sleep. I can’t even sleep in and/or bunk, because I have been given charge of getting the kids ready in the morning and delivering them to church in time!