I am exhausted. And I think I might be the last one up tonight. I am dead tired, but thought that if I didn’t write something now, i probably wouldn’t write anything at all.

First day of the Strawberry day on the farm went well. I painted so many kids’ faces, I lost track. I am now a specialist at drawing strawberries, lion faces and butterfly faces! I was a little worried to start, but once you get the knack, it really is quite easy.

My friend Kerry came to visit yesterday – and I am very glad she came yesterday, because today i am totally bushed. We had lots of time to catch up, chat etc. She now lives in the Cape, so I was very chuffed that she was able to come up to see me. Next time I will need to visit her. Unfortunately for her, she got roped in with the work! I am worried she will never want to visit again.

We are a bit concerned about the weather forecast for tomorrow. That is the problem with Greytown, the weather is extremely changeable. In fact, 3 days before I arrived, it snowed here!! Up at the lake, just a few kilometres from here it settled and was a good few inches deep! But luckily no snow forecast for tomorrow, although there was a 60% chance of rain forecast. We have had to move the tea garden to the back veranda. At least they have a back veranda!

The people who have some stalls here, have some gorgeous things. I have decided to buy some christmas presents – I came with lots of pressies, I may as well leave with some too.

Okay, I do think it is bed time ….