I was very pleased to hear today, that amid the credit crunch, my job searching woes might be postponed for at least a few months. Firstly, my current contract has been extended to at least end of January 2009, and secondly, because they are so happy with the training I have been doing, they might want me to stay on for a further 12 months to roll out a corporate training programme across the organisation. I will know more in about a month’s time, so let’s keep the fingers crossed.

The project is going well. Training every day is very draining, but I do enjoy it. I really have always thought that I was a natural teacher. That is probably why I threaten to convert to teaching every now and then, but then I remember what teachers earn (although I could do with their holidays!) and I realise I probably will never do it…

1.5 work days left until I am on holiday – but who’s counting.

I bought a new gadget. Hope to have it in time for my trip on the weekend. It is a Netbook (small laptop) that I can take around with me. Firstly I want to take it in the aeroplane, but also on the train for when I travel for work. It will be a great help to continue working on stories I am documenting about the lives of my parents, because I can take it with me and do it anywhere. My laptop is just too big and bulky.

I had better get to bed. I am meeting up with a friend tomorrow before work, so it will be an early start.