This time I hope the blog gremlin won’t eat my post!

I started work at the Equality and Human Rights Commission in June. I was contracted to come in and learn, then train the workforce on a new eProcurement programme (iPOS for SunSystems) that they were installing. No sooner had I arrived … and the cracks began to show. This system that they thought their ‘transition team’ had implemented, was certainly not fit for purpose. There was no way I could roll it out as it was.

They agreed for me to rather spend my time redesigning, rebuilding and re-implementing the system. Finally last week, we started our first training sessions. We are now where we should have been when I started! Luckily I have really enjoyed working with the team. They’re all lovely people and really easy to get along with.

I have 2 months’ worth of intensive training sessions that will take me to London, Glasgow and Cardiff, but luckily most of my training is right here in Manchester. Officially I should be leaving 17th October, but I really don’t know whether we will finish by then. It is a very tight timescale. Also, everyone seems to still be on holiday, so currently I have only approx 65 out of the 180 people booked on courses, and about 13 have been trained already last week.

I’ll let you know how I get on!