Mission accomplished. Tim and I wanted to have agreed in principle about our next holidays, before the end of the Bank Holiday Weekend. This is what we have tentatively come up with:
  • Long weekend in October: Narbonne, France
  • May 2009: A week in Greece or Turkey …
  • June 2009: I will go to France with Bouchie for a week
  • September 2009: Croatia for 2 weeks – a week or so in Dubrovnik
  • Xmas/Jan 2009/10: South Africa
  • May to July 2010: South Africa for the World Cup

Of course things change. The credit crunch might mean that any one (or all) of the following might be moved, put on hold or cancelled, but if they don’t, this is what we hope to do.

We will also keep plans fluid, just in case any of my family can come and visit from South Africa. Who knows, Andy might have a good strawberry season and want to bring the family to the UK … or any of the others might come along too. I would be so so so so so so so happy if we could have my family over here. I love it when my parents come to visit – and they might do so again – but it would also be great if my brother or sister and families could make it one day. We live in hope.