This morning I woke up feeling like I have been run over by a bulldozer. I decided to come into work a little later and sleep in for another hour. Perhaps my day would have turned out differently had I got up immediately.

I thought I would plan ahead and take some lunch into work – instant noodles (cooked at home, because they smell strongly when they’re cooking in the microwave in the open plan office!), thai spice flavoured. Needless to say, they boiled over in the microwave, which meant I had to take out the glass microwave plate to wash it. As I was washing it, it slipped from my hand, just enough to drop down onto my cafetiere and break the glass. Now I was getting well and truly annoyed. Next thing, as I was carrying the broken bits to the bin, the one sections of glass fell from my hand and crashed onto the floor, right next to Dali’s (the cat) food bowl. I was barefoot, which meant picking up the biggest pieces, before getting some shoes on, getting out the broom and hoover to pick up the little bits which covered the floor. Now only to throw out Dali’s food, that I had only given him about 10 minutes before, wash the bowls and replace the food.

I am sure steam was coming from my ears and nostrils by this time. I finished up, got ready and as I was about to leave, I realised that Tim had lock me in – again. We have one lock which can’t be unlocked from the inside, but outside only and as I didn’t leave with him in the morning, he forgot and locked both locks! That meant rummaging around to find the key for the other door, prevent the cat from getting out that door and going upstairs to visit the neighbours, going around to the back of the house, unlocking the door from the outside, going back inside to lock the other door. By that time I was ready to leave, I put the alarm on and locked up.

As I got outside, I realised that I had forgotten this lunch that I had taken such trouble in making. So back in, switch off the alarm, fetch my lunch, the envelopes to post (may as well do that now that the door is open) and leave for work.

Would you be surprised if I said that in the meantime the blue sky had disappeared and it started to rain?!