Spring is a upon as, and we should be moving about with an extra spring in our step, but Tim and I have both been ill. It’s like we’ve had some germs that have mutated and changed, attacking us in a different way each time. Hopefully we’re fully over it now.
Last Friday, Lisa and I were planning to take the day off and go for a long, sophisticated lunch in Manchester City Centre. But both of us ended up sick and had to cancel lunch. We were NOT happy about it. We will have to try and squeeze it in this week instead.
Next week, I will be doing a PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) Practitioner course in Manchester(www.prince2.com). I am hoping it will help me with future project work as it is a prerequisite or at least sought after, on a number of projects these days. It is a very intensive course with a large amount of pre-course work. But being a notorious crammer, I am still not fully prepared ….
A week later, on the 18th, we leave for Brazil. I am really starting to look forward to it. I think Tim hasn’t had time to think about it yet. Work has been pretty busy and stressful for him. But I think both need a good holiday. It’s really been a work hard, play hard household!
As far as work goes, I don’t yet have a new contract for when I get back from holiday, but I am not yet worried. I think it is difficult to secure interim work, unless you’re available on very short notice, and I can’t commit until the 2nd week in June. And now that I am doing my Prince2 course, which will take up all day and all night the week before we leave, I won’t even be available for interview until I get back, so I think it is rather unrealistic to think that I will find anything until then. And the other positive spin of course, is the fact that my parents arrive the day after we get back. So spending a bit of time with them, will be fantastic.
And finally, I find myself with very short hair at the moment. Ray, my hairdresser, might have mis-interpreted the ‘I need it very short at the back for my holiday’, as as ‘very short hair will suit me well’. But generally I trust him infinitely. I don’t think it is a bad haircut, per se, I just think I don’t feel confident enough to carry it off. I prefer it to be a little longer. But thank goodness, it will grow!