On Saturday night, Tim, Lisa and I went over to Wilmslow for dinner at Paul & Rachel’s. And what an amazing dinner it was! The food, the wine, the company, the conversation – all fantastic.
The food was in a different league:
On arrival: We were served champagne and snacks, including olives stuffed with garlic. Absolutely delicious.
Starters: A salad of mozzarella, mandarin (nartjie), rocket, parmesan shavings and Prosciutto served with a very good white wine (wish I can remember what it was called – will have to ask Paul).
Main course: A leg of lamb, stuffed with pesto and olives, cooked to perfection! Served with potatoes cooked in red wine and to round it off, peas. Wow. Of course it was accompanied by a fantastic red (and of course I can’t remember the name of that either, so will ask Paul about both!)
Dessert: Chocolate torte and raspberries. Not that we had room for anything more. Of course, perfectly complemented by a dessert wine that was out of this world. I don’t even like dessert wines, but this one converted me. If you think I know the name of that one, you’d be mistaken of course….
Finally the “afters”: Cheese (including one of my all time favourites, “morbier“) and biscuits, mint chocolates and minty turkish delight.
An absolutely fantastic night had by all! Thanks Paul and Rachel!