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May 2008

Ilha Grande (Big Island) Brazil

Hello from the Ilha Grande – one of the most fantastic places I have been to. (Mafia Island, Tanzania, is a close condender) We have been here almost a week and have swum, sunbathed, trekked for miles along the… Continue Reading →

Update of our lives

Spring is a upon as, and we should be moving about with an extra spring in our step, but Tim and I have both been ill. It’s like we’ve had some germs that have mutated and changed, attacking us in… Continue Reading →

Dinner in Wilmslow

On Saturday night, Tim, Lisa and I went over to Wilmslow for dinner at Paul & Rachel’s. And what an amazing dinner it was! The food, the wine, the company, the conversation – all fantastic. The food was in a… Continue Reading →

First spring braai (BBQ)

26th April saw our first braai (BBQ). The sun might not have been shining, we might have needed a jumper, but it was pleasant enough to have a very nice evening out. The neighbours came to join us for a… Continue Reading →

Viva eBay!

I think our house must be the house with the most items from eBay, car boot sales, charity shops and other bargain haunts. Our latest acquisition is just fantastic (see bed below). It is an antique bed from around 1900… Continue Reading →

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