It is Sunday, we just got back from rugby where the Sale Sharks beat Newcastle 53-10! Whohooo! It was such fun to watch. And that was after I almost didn’t go. I have been so tired, and I almost told Tim to ‘phone a friend’, but he encouraged me go to as it would ‘do me good’. It did ! He always knows best 🙂
I hurt my shoulder again yesterday – not even doing anything weird or strenuous: I just took my jumper of and as I lifted it over my head something happened … now I can barely move it. I have had this before, but I had an operation 3 years ago that I had thought, fixed it. But now it is back. I am off to the quack tomorrow, but I think this time it is going to take longer to sort out as our new medical policy won’t treat any pre-existing conditions until Aug next year … so I am at the mercy of the NHS!
4 weeks to go then I finish my job and we’re on holiday. I am starting to get really excited now. I am looking forward to our week on the Ilha Grande where I can’t do anything but relax, swim, snorkel, walk, have massages, eat seafood and read. My kind of holiday! Let’s hope the shoulder has sorted itself out by then!
My other news is exciting for me only: I bought a new antique bed on ebay and it is arriving around the bank holiday weekend at the beginning of May. I am really looking forward to getting it, especially as I helped Lisa mover her bed, that we have been looking after for about 5 years, into her cottage on Saturday. Her old bed, that came with the cottage, was so lumpy it bruised her! That’s when you know it is definitely time for a change of bed.
Also, Lisa has been practising her massaging on me. When we had our charity function last year, she offered a massage as a raffle prize … and she has to go and give 2 massages at the beginning of May. But as she is a bit rusty, she needs the practise, so who am I to resist?!
We were at the Hale Farmer’s market this morning and bought some home made ravioli – our dinner. And it’s dinner time, so I am off …