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April 2008

Bits and bobs of news

It is Sunday, we just got back from rugby where the Sale Sharks beat Newcastle 53-10! Whohooo! It was such fun to watch. And that was after I almost didn’t go. I have been so tired, and I almost told… Continue Reading →

60,000 attend!

It turns out the Mighty Men’s conference had 60,000 men attend. My gosh but that is huge! I am still waiting for my full feedback from the family who were there … but I wish I could have seen it… Continue Reading →

Wild food

If anyone knows of any local wild mushroom foraging and/or wild food collecting courses that aren’t a million miles away from Cheshire and don’t cost an arm and a leg, please let me know. I am keen to become a… Continue Reading →

Winter wonderland in Spring

I guess being from the Southern Hemisphere and unused to snow, it still excites me every time. My cat, Dali, woke me up early this morning for his morning treats and food. I was still half asleep, but stumbled through… Continue Reading →

Mighty Men Conference – Greytown South Africa

Christianity might be a faith losing worshipers in the UK, but not so in South Africa. In a fortnight’s time, the 4th or 5th (I can’t remember) Mighty Men’s conference ( is being held in Greytown, South Africa (where I… Continue Reading →

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