There is nothing that annoys me like incompetence!

In short, Barclays not only lost our £2,300 (see the previous post), but promptly never processed our £5,900. Once they realised their error, they did process it, and have lost the £5,900 too!!! Need I mention that this amount of money is a small fortune to a project like this?
2 months have lapsed since the first transfer and 1 month since the 2nd, but we’re no closer to receiving money in the bank!
I have now sent these pictures of the kids at Lindelani (a Project supported by Children of Africa) to them to try and kick-start them….
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£8,248 might not seem like a lot of money in the UK, but in these settlements it is a small fortune. It can buy 660 x 50kg bags of maize meal (enough to feed the average family for a month); or the equivalent of 22 years’ monthly pension for one person; or enough to pay the school fees of 330 kids for a year. In short, it is a huge amount of money.
If anyone out there has some influence at Barclays, please help us!