Yip, on a scale of 1 to 10, work is a 1 at the moment. We’ll see whether we can work it out, but I am not entirely convinced. It is time like these that Sainsbury’s check-out work looks increasingly tempting ….
If that is not enough, Barclays has managed to lose around £2,300 we had sent to South Africa for the Charity (children of africa). The funds left out account and never arrived in South Africa. The other £5,900 we sent 2 weeks ago … they just ‘forgot’ to process. I nearly did my nut today I was so angry with them. How hard can it be? About 4 bank visits and 10 phone calls later we’re no closer to getting the funds into the South African banking account.
My tenants in London rung me to tell me there is a leak and they need to get the plumber out … oh…. and there is a whole in the roof, so now I have to get a roofer out too.
Lisa stayed over last night and this morning had such bad asthma we almost had to take her to the hospital. The nurse at NHS Direct told me that if her tongue or throat started to swell up, or if her lips turned blue, I had to ring 999 immediately for an ambulance. Luckily she did start to feel better, so we could avoid the trip to the hospital completely.
But I did have a silver lining moment today: it looks like my parents will be coming to visit in June for 3 weeks. We get back from Brazil at the beginning of June, and they will arrive a day later, according to current plans.
And of course the other good news is that in 2 days’ time, Tim and I will have been married 3 years. Feels like 300 years … but that would be 300 good years! Still the best decision of my life …
And lastly, my friend Leanne met a sexy man … whohooo!