Should work be fun? Should work just be bearable? Should work be exciting? I think the answer to all of the above should be YES, YES, YES.
And that is probably why I feel sold short at the moment. I work with a fantastic team. Yesterday we got a new Project Manager, so the jury is still out on him, but as for the rest – they’re brilliant. But … we’re project team of 4 – reduced to 3 as they ‘stole’ one of team to assist the ‘business as usual’ team. And they have increased our volumes around 500%. We were struggling to cope before. My next 6-8 weeks are planned in such a way that I will, on average, have to work 17 – 31 hours per day to complete all my tasks. Spot a problem there?
Tim worked night shift all of last week. This week he is working ‘early shift’ – up at 5. He’s taking serious strain. So, between the 2 of us, we’re stressed to the tilt.
Come on Easter ….