Once again 2008 has so far been a whirlwind. Work has been incredibly busy. I must be doing something right there, because my 5 month contract was extended to be a 9 month one. And just Friday I was asked whether I would please stay on another year! Although it drives me nuts at times, I am making changes, and changes for the better. That, combined with the most fantastic project team (that includes Wendy, John, Stewart, Carol, Stefania, Michelle, Stephen), is enough reason to stay.
Other than that, we’re planning a trip to Brazil in May and I am off to South Africa in September (without Tim – will we cope!? We are so used to doing everything together now!). Next January we hope to go back to India.
On Friday, Tim has to cook dinner for 10 – part of his ‘donation’ to raise money for Charity. Of course he (or the Charity even) is being VERY well compensated. I will be his sous-chef!

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It has been so so so cold. It reached -8C the other day. That’s the coldest temperature I have experienced in the UK since I moved here in 1999. I am glad we have a new boiler – it is working overtime keeping us warm. Of course the electric blanket (a wedding present from Tim’s cousin Claire a few years ago) has come in just as handy.

It is bed time so I am signing off …