I have been meaning to do a ‘proper’ blog for some time now, but I just don’t seem to have the time. This working 5 days a week thing just doesn’t work for me! I would far rather work my hours over 4 days and have time on the other day to get ‘stuff’ done.

Today has been a work at home, get the tax return and charity returns submitted, do the filing, catching up on admin, and generally keeping my head down. I still haven’t finished, but I have got to the ‘SOD IT’ stage …. The tax returns are ready to go off and that ‘s the main thing.

Now about bits and pieces of general news that might not be of interest to anyone, but here goes anyway:

  • Tim and I are going to Brazil at the end of May for 2 weeks and will be splitting our time between Rio (http://www.brazileza.com/copacabana.JPG), Iguazu Falls (http://www.kontiki.org/content/images/6cd5bfb7f9d32b62.jpg) and Ilha Grande (http://www.ilhagrande.com.ar/servicios/servicio.php?id=10). When I met Tim 5 years ago, he promised to take me to the Ilha Grande, and now he’s finally doing it!
  • The weather in Manchester (and in the whole UK, I think), has been horrid. Raining, grey, dark, grim, muddy etc.
  • We had our neighbours over for dinner last night and had a fantastic evening. It reminds me how much I like to entertain. Tim likes it too, but I don’t think quite as much as I like it ….
  • Work is driving me nuts. I love working with the project team. My colleagues are great fun, but the NHS attitude, lack of attention to detail and wishy-washy managers are concerning me. We can sort things out for them, but once we leave, who will keep things on the straight and narrow?
  • I bought a new dressing table for our bedroom at the weekend. A good price, it’s beautiful, and has given me the opportunity to move a few things around. I would post some pictures, but I cannot find my Camera card reader to download any pictures.
  • Leanne came to visit the weekend from the back-end of the world: Sleaford. We had such a fantastic weekend. Just a pity the weekend’s so short. Dinner on Saturday night was at Dilli’s. It’s still the best restaurant in Altrincham in our opinion.(http://www.dilli.co.uk/)
  • We’re off to dinner at a pub at Walcote this weekend. Tim and his friends have been going here for years and years. They serve very good Thai food. Unfortunately the lady who owned it for years, has moved back to Thailand, but she’s taught the new owners how to cook almost as well. ( http://www.theblackhorsewalcote.com/food.html)
  • In March we’re off to the Waddington Arms for a few nights again for my birthday (http://www.waddingtonarms.co.uk/). We went there for New Year’s Eve and were very impressed, so we’re going back. It is situated in the heart of Lancashire … here:

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Okay, time to go and do some chores ….