Just a quick note to say, oh golly gosh but I am run off my feet. I am so exhausted – I am certainly going to need my holiday in December. In short, this is what I am up to:

  • Preparing for this weekend – My in-laws are coming to stay, and Tim’s brother, wife and 4 children are coming for Sunday lunch. 1 Kid is a vegetatian, the rest don’t like lamb or pork … or anything spicy. Tim is not so keen on red meet, although he agreed to a lamb roast. So it’s gotta be chicken and lots of veggies.
  • Desperately tryingto organise the charity event next weekend. So many people not able to come, getting quite worried. So much work involved.
  • Came home last night to neighbour’s alarm going off. 3 scallies were legging it across our drive. I was scared sh*tless, so locked myself in and rung the police. (They broke windows but never got in)
  • Things are hectic at work (in a good way) since ex-boss is gone. *sigh of relief*
  • Christmas shopping and planning
  • Planning for SA trip, cat-sitting etc
  • Lots of chores on hold until I get a minute to do stuff

All in all, not much time for anything else. Except, we’re taking the folks to the Christmas Markets in Manchester. That should be great! Signing off