Tomorrow I start my new job. Ironic, 8 years ago, to the day, I started my first job in the UK. And I hadn’t realised it but, since then every new job started in August!!
I was extremely spoilt for choice this time around. I had a number of offers on the table, but I have decided to go and join the NHS (we’ll discuss that in a bit) to work on an Oracle Financials Systems Implementation. The offices are in central Manchester next to Piccadilly Station. Unfortunately though, the tram is out of service at the moment because of refurbish work, so I am going to have to drive in. I can’t imagine that that is going to be fun at all.
Now about my decision to work for the NHS. Some background information. Generally I hate the NHS. I think they waste public money and I was the subject of a very grave error by the NHS, which was followed by a very inefficient investigation. Tim worked for them for about a year, I think, after which he felt so strongly that he was wasting public money, that he resigned. The big question would be WHY WHY WHY am I following in his footsteps? The answer is fairly simple: the project I am working on is a change project led by a non-NHS lady, called Jacqui. It seemed from my interview that we share many of the same ideas and ways of working. If I can add some value to this monstrocity we know as the NHS, then I have served my purpose. If not, I shall leave and find something else I can add value to.