Tim and I woke up quite early on Saturday (after a night of my black cat sleeping on my head!) ready to go out on our bikes, but it was pouring with rain. So disappointing. We decided to go out to try and buy a rug and towels as so many shops had sales. We traipsed from shop to shop without much luck. Tim’s eyes only lit up when we arrived in the Marks & Spencer Food Hall.

Let me just say: in general the UK has really bad quality towels! I am looking for bright, cerise pink, thick, fluffy towels. They just don’t exist. All my towels, except for two sets, are from Europe – mainly France. I recently even considered doing a day shopping trip to buy towels there. In the UK, I think the British Home Stores have the best quality towels, just a pity the colours are so dreary …

Our last stop was the very busy John Lewis. I have never seen it that busy other than at Christmas time. We were lucky enough to find a rug for our lounge there. It is rather lovely and is still growing on me.

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Later in the afternoon I was ready to cook the pork joint I had bought from the Farm Shop earlier in the week. We had invited Lisa to dinner, who arrived as I was putting the joint and the scrummy looking veggies in the oven.

It seemed to take forever to cook, but was looking better and better each time I checked it. The vegetables, especially, were looking brilliant as they were cooking in the pork juices. I made a rich gravy and called everyone to come and sit down.

But then disaster struck! As I started to slice the joint, it smelled terrible. I called Tim and Lisa for a second and third opinion. IT WAS OFF!! I was devastated. I had so been looking forward to a delicious home cooked meal, but instead the whole lot had to go into the bin – even the veggies would have been contaminated.

So instead, Tim, Lisa and I took a walk down to our local Indian …