The past few days have been slow. We are at the point now where there are lots of little things left to do. The week started very well with the kitchen going in, but since then it doesn’t feel like we have had much progress at all.

The terrible alcove in the entrance hall is gone (yay!). I hated that thing! The granny that used to live here before used to keep a terrible fake sculpture in it, but I honestly couldn’t find any use for it, other than to put my garage key in it.
Tom and Alan ripped out the bathroom this week, but it took them the whole week to: rip out the old suite, take all the tiles and plaster off (except for the bit I did for them before!), re-plaster, change the plumbing and drill a hole through the wall for the new soil pipe. Doesn’t sound like much, but they worked very hard. Things just take longer than you expect them to. At least now we have a blank canvass and the new bathroom can go in next week. Hopefully we will get it done this week, because Tom is on holiday the week after, and my parents come then anyhow. I have told the builders: no more builders inside once my parents are here.

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The bathroom will consist of a simple white bathroom with the same checkered black and white floor as in the hallway. (It leads off the hallway)

Finally, the weather has been fantastic for most of April and now beginning of May. But we understand that this will turn on Monday (or is it Sunday). Either way, we have so been enjoying sitting outside so often. Although this space is shared space, we are paying for it to be paved, we have bought the table and chairs etc, so consequently we seem to use it more. Summer is going to be brilliant with this space available to us.
You can see proof of its use in these pictures. This is where I am sitting updating this blog!