We had our first walk-out on site today! Andrew, project manager, and Chris, decorator had a full-on blow out. Both of them wanted to work in the same area of the kitchen. Andrew wanted to get it boarded and Chris wanted to get it painted. Nothing that was insurmountable.

I had watched it brewing over the last few days, but today a few words were exchanged, and that must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Andrew walked out, Chris was ranting and raving and I was stressing! The kitchen units are being delivered on Friday and the kitchen must be ready.

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I once again volunteered my services as labourer and mucked in to pull up all the (very, very) old tiles still glued to the wooden floor. Once that was done, the floor was ready to be boarded.

But look, in spite of Andrew leaving site, it is both painted and boarded!

We lost both our sink and dishwasher today. Quelle horreur! So washing up in a bucket in the bath awaits me tonight.

Tomorrow we’re tiling. And I use the term ‘we’ very loosely. I will be in Glossop begging for them to extend my contract for another month, which should take me up to when my parents come to visit …