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April 21, 2007

Slave to fashion – Spring 2007

No-one likes to admit it, but here goes: I think I am getting old! I go into the shops, plastic at the ready, to spoil myself with something new. I almost beg the retail stores to throw gorgeous things at… Continue Reading →

Knitting … yes, knitting!

Tim warned me not to put put anything on my blog about knitting as I would lose some ‘street cred’ … but I figured that everyone reading this blog knows me anyhow. They know that I have some very geeky… Continue Reading →

The geek emerges

So, where to from here? As any true accountant would, I resorted to the trusted Excel spreadsheet. This is our list of outstanding items – all to be completed before my parents arrive: exactly 1 month tomorrow. The kitchen will… Continue Reading →

Remembering where we started

A very wise man (former boss Andrew Starbuck) once said to me: “If you’re climbing a mountain, sometimes you have to stop, turn around and look how far you’ve gone rather than only looking ahead to see how far you… Continue Reading →

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