On Wednesday on my way back from work, the lady following me on the A6 provided me with some unusual entertainment. On her dashboard she had no less than 10 bobbing-head-animals!
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Could anyone please explain the attraction of bobbing head animals to me? Do you know there is even a website dedicated to them? No lie! www.bobbingheaddogs.com
Here are a few more: www.thehotrodgirl.com

In fact this website answers my questions above: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A370126

These odd creations serve little purpose other than to sit on the parcel shelf of a car and amuse or annoy the occupants of the vehicle behind while stuck in traffic!!

I guess a few people have been asking the same question….

But it gets better:

Operating Instructions
Place the ‘dog’ on the parcel shelf, or other convenient location, in a car. The changes in direction and velocity of the car in which the nodding dog is placed causes the head to oscillate at varying frequencies and in a variety of directions, producing the so-called ‘nodding’ effect. The placement of the dog need not be restricted to a car or other motor vehicle but if it’s situated on a windowsill or table it will need to be poked, prodded or flicked in order for one to experience the full nodding action.

I leave you with that thought …