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April 2007


MISSING (now found!) White Siamese cat. Not been seen since 5.00 pm Sunday night (and never ventures far away). Answers to the name Nicky-Noodle. Wearing a red collar with our details on. She is very fond of getting into little… Continue Reading →

Drama on site

We had our first walk-out on site today! Andrew, project manager, and Chris, decorator had a full-on blow out. Both of them wanted to work in the same area of the kitchen. Andrew wanted to get it boarded and Chris… Continue Reading →

Slave to fashion – Spring 2007

No-one likes to admit it, but here goes: I think I am getting old! I go into the shops, plastic at the ready, to spoil myself with something new. I almost beg the retail stores to throw gorgeous things at… Continue Reading →

Knitting … yes, knitting!

Tim warned me not to put put anything on my blog about knitting as I would lose some ‘street cred’ … but I figured that everyone reading this blog knows me anyhow. They know that I have some very geeky… Continue Reading →

The geek emerges

So, where to from here? As any true accountant would, I resorted to the trusted Excel spreadsheet. This is our list of outstanding items – all to be completed before my parents arrive: exactly 1 month tomorrow. The kitchen will… Continue Reading →

Remembering where we started

A very wise man (former boss Andrew Starbuck) once said to me: “If you’re climbing a mountain, sometimes you have to stop, turn around and look how far you’ve gone rather than only looking ahead to see how far you… Continue Reading →

I don’t get those bobbing head animals ..

On Wednesday on my way back from work, the lady following me on the A6 provided me with some unusual entertainment. On her dashboard she had no less than 10 bobbing-head-animals! Could anyone please explain the attraction of bobbing head… Continue Reading →

Outside 1 Beechwood …

If you were wondering about what is happening at 1 Beechwood, here is the update: Thank goodness we have have some unprecedented warm weather for April, which means we get to spend more time outside than inside. Now the access… Continue Reading →

Farewell Jason Robinson – Sale Sharks

Tim and I are avid Sale Sharks supporters. And just like the Natal Sharks it is a rocky road of ups and downs. Last year we had a brilliant season, but this year we were riddled with injuries and were… Continue Reading →

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