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March 2007

Building update: end of March

Andrew came up with a brilliant idea: strip lighting above the cupboards (use your imagination – they are covered up here for protection ) that will light up the beautiful ornate cornicing that we have in the bedroom. I can’t… Continue Reading →

Read zees very carefully, I shall write zees only wunce…

Tim, Lisa and I were fortunate enough to get (free) tickets to see the filming of: “Return of ‘Allo Allo“ It was quite an experience. A lo-o-o-o-o-ong experience. We were told to arrive at Granada Studios between 5.00pm and 6.00pm…. Continue Reading →

Progress by mid March

Now here is a scary sight: The builders eventually allowed me to ‘muck in’ a bit after I was previous told: “No disrespect, Liezl, but this isn’t really women’s work.” I begged them to let me get my hands dirty…. Continue Reading →

Progress – slowly slowly

On Saturday, Ian and Richard came around bright and early to fit our new built-in cupboards in the Master Bedroom.I must say, I was a little nervous, because it is not as if I designed them from a brochure or… Continue Reading →

Demolition Demolition Demolition

Yes, the demolition continues and we’re uncovering more and more (expensive) surprises. We have managed to open up the chimney breast, but it seems the whole things is precariously being held up by a few wonky bricks! Today or Monday… Continue Reading →

Renovation Renovation Renovation

Almost 3 weeks into the 2nd phase of our renovations and Tim’s climbing the walls. You’d expect a man who lived in a brown and patterned batchelor house (and I don’t mean some trendy bachelor pad) to be able to… Continue Reading →

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