Ooh my gosh. I am freezing my little tootsies off! (What exactly are tootsies anyway?) Let’s just say: It would have been nice if our heating were working! We have been holding our for our new boiler to be installed and honestly thought we were going to get away with a mild winter, but the cold crept up on us unsuspectingly! Look at these tables:

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I am sitting in our study (coldest room in the house), with the heater on FULL, the central heating on (although it is only luke warm), 3 layers on (going to add another jumper soon), socks and shoes and I am still freezing.

I wouldn’t mind the cold that much if it were accompanied by the snow they were promising! Just near where I work (Buxton) they have had more than 10cm by an hour ago. As a South African, I am still mesmerised and intrigued by snow…. so bring it on!