I received some distressing news whilst at work and battled to concentrate thereafter. Eventually at 3.15pm I headed home. I had to go an find something to do that would make me feel better – and I found just the thing: I would go and have my nails done. I had been threatening to do it for a while now and now was the perfect opportunity.
Previously, I had used a lovely cosy little nail bar in Hale Village, but they were extortionate! £35 (R494.74) for a new set of nails (the price 4 years ago!). I knew I should actually go somewhere well outside of the Altrincham area, because things are just too expensive here, but I succumbed to the very tacky ‘Hollywood Nail Bar’ in Altrincham because they could see me immediately, and that at a bargain price of only £28 (still a rip-off in my opinion).

I felt like I needed a face mask in there because of the fumes – in fact the very grumpy Chinese lady who was manning it, was wearing one herself. Bearing in mind that I had had a bad day and I was hoping this would be a ‘pamper session’, I was a little taken aback when she almost shouted at me twice. Once because I didn’t like the shape of the nail and asked her to change it and he other time because, once she had varnished the nail, I touched the fan with my nail by accident. I think the shouting is part of the service – and you pay for the privilege!

Our store cupboards are bare, so we decided to have dinner out. We have so many lovely restaurants in Altrincham, but of course we have our favourites. This one, The Sweetheart of Oxford Road, tops my list as ‘every day’ favourite. Good honest food at affordable prices. It is spitting distance from home, it is comfortable with unpretentious interiors. We have got to know everyone who works there now, and they’re always up for a chat. I use it as my office at times – meeting people, doing my assignments in the comfy sofas upstairs etc.

One thing I like about it, is that you never feel the pressure to leave as soon as you have finished your cup of coffee or meal. They are happy for you just to chill out there – and so we do. Upstairs they have 2 sofas that Lisa and I like to claim. I almost feel like it is OUR sofas, like in the TV series Friends when they’re at Central Perk …

Yesterday I had the fish pie, tomato salad and some greens. It was delicious as always. If I weren’t still trying to lose the Christmas flab, I would have finished it off with one of their delicious chocolate brownies. Next time perhaps.