This is where we live. Originally a semi-detatched house, but converted into 4 apartments in the mid 80’s. Each apartment has the use of a full floor. We used to live on the top floor, but when Jack and Hazel indicated that they wanted to sell last summer, we jumped at the opportunity to buy their apartment on the ground floor.

I hear you asking: why move from the 2nd floor down to the ground floor? The honest answer is that the location of this house is so convenient. About 2 years ago, we investigated our options, but became very disillusioned. When it was affordable, we didn’t like the location and visa versa. Ultimately, all we wanted was a garden and ability to go and sit out in the sun without it becoming a mission or a trek! We used to say ‘if only we could pick up our house and plonk it downstairs …”

So ultimately this is what we’ve done. We love the house, we love the location, we love our neighbours, we love the trees, we love our very big windows and high ceilings and of course we love the owl that lives in the tree outside our lounge window.

So here we are living on the ground floor at 1 Beechwood. Our apartment had not had much work done to it since the conversion, so it was ripe and ready for an update. We have now completed half of the works (the easy bits, to be totally truthful!), and the other half remains. The rooms that have been done are brilliant (in our humble opinion) and we just love spending time in them. We hope we can soon say that of the whole house!

So what if our heating only works after we have run a bath or put the dishwasher on? So what if the lights fuse constantly and we can’t see a thing while we’re cooking, so what if the neighbours can see right into the bathroom from the study window and so what if we won’t have a kitchen for 2 months? The end result is going to be brilliant!

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Where is the perfect location? It is in Bowdon, Altrincham, a 10 minute walk down the hill into Altrincham town and 15 minute walk into Hale village. We try to kid ourselves that the walk is shorter … but it isn’t! Still, it is very accessible. It’s a 5 minutes drive to the M56 motorway, 10 minutes to the M60 (Manchester ring road) and 10 minutes to the M6. Altrincham Station is at the end of the Metro (Manchester tram) and one can get into central Manchester in 25 minutes.

So in our opinion, we live in a pretty cool spot!